LGBT Hero Robin McGehee Speaks to Stonewall About Activism

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LGBT Civil Rights Activist Robin McGehee

One of the great things about being a member of Stonewall in Nevada is the outstanding roster of guest speakers we have had and continue to have at our monthly meetings. Many of the current board members of Stonewall had the pleasure and honor of being a part of history as part of the Executive and Organizing boards of the National Equality March. In addition to being part of a team of people that brought over 250,000 people to Washington, DC.., to demand equality for all Americans, we made some very solid and log lasting friendships. We would not have been a part of the NEM and history if Robin McGehee had not recognized us for the activists that we didn’t even know we were.

It is no stretch of the imagination to say that Stonewall Democrats in Nevada would not exist in its current form without the friendship we have with the mother of the modern LGBT Equality movement, Robin McGehee. She took us under her wing and taught us what true and unselfish activism truly is. In addition to being a great friend, Robin is a loving mother who cherishes every spare minute with her son and family. Robin currently is the head of Get Equal and has never stopped being a front line fighter for equal rights for all Americans. We will tell you more about Robin as we go forward, but, here is a video from April of 2010 when Robin came and visited us at Stonewall in Las Vegas. We think you’ll get a good idea of what this amazing woman is all about. Enjoy and be inspired.

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