Manny Pacquiao “Gay Men Should Be Put To Death!”

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Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao disgraces himself and embarrasses his sponsors with his hateful, anti-gay remarks
Las Vegas has given Mr. Pacquiao the opportunity to make millions — our Mayor has the responsibility to end that opportunity 
May 15, 2012
Las Vegas, NV – Stonewall Democratic Club of Southern Nevada chairman Derek Washington released the following statement in response to Manny Pacquiao’s anti-gay tirade:

“At some point bigots are going to have to stop using the Bible as a crutch to spread their vicious hate. Mr. Pacquiao and his sponsors must realize that this vile language and the spirit behind it won’t be tolerated in a world class city like Las Vegas. I hope Mayor Carolyn Goodman will join Stonewall and all concerned Las Vegans who are offended by Mr. Pacquiao’s behavior and ask him not to return to Las Vegas unless he sincerely apologizes.”


The Goodmans have been fierce defenders of Las Vegas, demanding apologies from any and all outsiders who utter even the slightest diss to our beloved city. We hope that our mayor shows the same defensiveness when it comes to protecting the LGBTQ residents of her city.


LA Weekly article


The Bible verse Mr Pacquiao quotes is used by anti-gay individuals as an excuse to enact violence against LGBTQ community members, but many faith leaders believe that Bible verse is not about same-sex intercourse, but is actually condemning rape as a weapon of war.


We wonder how Mr. Pacquiao would punish himself as he is a known adulterhas facial hairand plenty of tattoos.

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